How It Works

Selection Process

1. The applicant fills out form which contains a series of questions regarding child’s academic history, home life, and athletic interests which then is reviewed by the selection committee.

2. Teachers and coaches are contacted to determine if our program is the right fit for the child.

Tutoring & Training

1. After a child is chosen for the program they will be given specific days and times for Academic tutoring.

2. When the children fulfill their academic obligations they are rewarded with various athletic training programs of their choice.

3. Each week the children will be responsible to fill out their homework and reading log and have progress reports signed by their teacher and parent/guardian.

4. By monitoring the students progress we are able to identify where the child may be struggling and intervene in a timely fashion.

Facility locations

1. We finance and secure ideal spaces to accommodate homework and tutoring sessions, indoor turf space, basketball courts, etc. for the earned athletic training portion of the program.


1. All of our classrooms will be staffed with certified educators to ensure that our students are being given the best opportunity for success.

2. Our coaches and athletic trainers are among the best in their fields. These individuals have had much success in paving the way for student athletes to obtain college scholarships.


We are a 501c3 looking for donations to provide a greater chance of success for this country’s future leaders.